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A Travel Guide for Automotive Enthusiasts

Hello friends. It is past midnight and I am kept awake by my deeply rooted thoughts and dreams per usual but tonight is different. As someone who loves all things automotive but is also completely captivated by wanderlust, desiring to travel to different parts of the world, I searched and searched for a source that could combine the two. A travel guide for automotive enthusiasts so to speak. I could not find one, so I am going to create one and we will discover the world of cars together.

My goal is to dive into the world of cars focusing on what brings car enthusiasts together. We will attend different car events around the globe, get behind the wheel of automotive racing, learn about the founders of the brands and the history of the cars that catapulted them forward. And my friend, we are going to do it together.

I will soon add some of my automotive ventures that I have already attended and recommend but moving forward, we will discover new ones together...are you ready?

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